Monday, January 9, 2012

Muay Thai Wai kru Payak Dom Kwang

Muay Thai Wai kru Payak Dom Kwang

To perform the "Payak Dom Kwang" style.
Start with Wai Kru from the Dhep Phanom form until stand up with the Dhep Nimitra form.

Step 1: turn round your body to the right direction to wai "Phra Brahma : the right direction" for one time.

Step 2: from the Kow Yang , while the left foot is front , bend your body down frontward tighten the fist, raise your elbow to block the front side and instantly turn around to look at the backside which is look at the counterpart , the right arms and right foot are behide. Nod your head up and down to the counterpart one or two times

Step 3: repeat step 2 but switch the use the right foot front instead. And then repeat the step 2 and 4 which turn to perform until complete all 4 direction. Then go back to your corner with "Kow Yang" and bend body down to salute the counterpart. The "Payak Dom Kwang" and " Kwang Leow Lung" perform similar style