Thursday, April 26, 2012


KON MUAYTHAIMaemia muaythai
"Kon" are the movements or styles of Muay Thai, the art of Fighting for attack or defense, named by their use. For example, Kon Muay JuJom means an attack. A defense or counter is called Kon Muay-Kae; a Kon Muay-Kae using fists is called Kon Muay-Kae Mad. A Kon Muay-Kae Tao means to defend or counter using the feet. To use the knees it is called Kon Muay-Kae Kao, and the elbows, Kon Muay-Kae Sok. Mr.Yod Ruerngsa said the following about Kon Muay in the text book of Muay Thai -tamrab Parchao Suer