Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Muay Thai Hong Hern

Hong Hern

  After being in sitting manner until standing up in Dhepnimitra manner and then turn to the right . .
Step 1: raise the right foot and straight it backward. Standing on your left foot. Bend your body to the front . Start to perform the dance by sprawling your arms , kneel down while turning the face side of your palms down.
Step 2: kneel up and bend up the wrist to raise up the fingers.
Step 3: lay your right foot on the floor then straight your left foot backward , continue to perform the dance alike the flying bird. The movement of body , arm and palm must correspond with the music.

Step 4: lay down your left foot then "Yang Sam Khum" (walk strengthly in three step) to change the direction. By turning you around to the "left direction" then step out your left foot . bend your body down to " wai " the "Pra-Bhrama-tis" ( the direction of Bhrama ) at the left side just one time. Repeat to perform the " Hong-Hern" dancing styles by starting the first step to the third step again but in the fourth step you must turn to the backside "Wai Bhrama" and then repeat to perform the dance . The last time turn to the front side. (which is the original direction while you sit in the "Dhep Pha-nom" form) And then "Wai-Bhrama" perform the dance called "Hong-Hern" and "Bhrama Si Na" then you play "Yang Sam Khum" and bend your body down to salute your counterpart. It is the finish of the "Wai Kru" and the dance called "Hong-Hern"