Thursday, January 5, 2012

Muay Thai Wai Kru -Yoong Fon Hang

To perform "Yoong-Fon-Hang" style,

you must start from "Wai Kru" from the sit form called "Dhep Panom" to the stand form called "Dhep Nimitra" respectively.

Step 1 : turn your body to right side , Wai Pra Bhrama for one time.
Step 2 : step out your left foot forward. Raise up your right foot then straighten it backward bend down your body forward simultaneously. Put the hands together in salute at the chest level.
Step 3 : turn the face side of your palm upward and slowly move your arms go through the armpits to the backside of your body until your arms are straight. all of tip fingers are closed together.

Step 4 : move your hands out to the side of the body alike straighten your arms. Then move it round to come gathering at your face. Lift your chest and your face up while your hands were put to touch your head , while your right legs still stretch backward Step 4 : hold down your right foot to stand straightly . Raise up your left foot then straighten it backward. Stand on your right foot and then repeat the step 1- 4 ( it's just switch the right side to be the left side ). Repeat to perform the dance for all 4 direction. Then get back to the corner with "Kow Yang" and bend down your body to salute your counterpart.