Thursday, January 5, 2012

Muay Thai Wai Kru The King Rama Pheang Sorn

To perform the "Phra Rama Plang Sorn" style.

Phra Rama Phlang Sorn style generally perform the dance just one direction. It's the direction of the counterpart.
Phra Rama Plang Sorn 1

Step 1 : turn round your body to the right direction. Wai Phra Brahma one time.

Step 2 : step your left foot frontward raise your arms alike you catch a arrow rod in your left hand.

Step 3 : move your right hand to the backside alike you pick an arrow from your neck to the rod. Then pull the tendon backward 2-3 times but act alike not release the arrow repeat this for 2 time but in the third time you perform alike you lift the rod up high at the level of your ears. Stand still look straight at your target then release the arrow.
Phra Rama Plang Sorn  2

Step 4 : while your release your arrow lay down your right foot on the floor and raise your left foot up frontward simultaneously . After that raise your hand at above the face . Act alike you are looking at the arrow you released. And waiting to see the result. If you are disappointed at the result cause from the mistarget shot. You express by shaking your head right and left. if you are pleased with the result then you smile
and nod your head up and down to show your appreciation.

Step 5 : you say the prayer "Sake Ka-Tha" such as "Na Jung Ngung" three times. and then stamp down the floor three times. Step 6 : "Yang Sam Khum" to your corner then bend your body down to salute the counterpart.