Thursday, January 5, 2012

Muay Thai Wai Kru Sod Soi Ma-La

 To perform the "Sod Soi Ma-La" style ,

starting with "Wai Kru" in sitting "Thep -Panom " until standing up in " Dhep-Nimitra".

Step 1 : turn round your body to the right direction. Perform "Wai Phra Brahma" one time.

Step 2 : step out your left foot forward. Raise your right leg and straighten it backward , lift it to the same level of your chin. Bend your left arm perpendicular to the floor. Stretch the tip of your fist up.

Step 3 : insert left fist up inside of the right arm and beyond it up until right elbow parallel to the level of your chin.

Step 4 : repeat the third step but change the right arm to be the left arm instead.

Step 5 : repeat the step 2- 4 but change to stand by your right foot instead.

Step 6 : repeat the dance for every direction. And then "Kow Yang" and bend down to salute the counterpart and go the your corner.