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History of Muay Thai 2

History of Muay Thai 2

          The nation if Thailand ( Siam) was born and built up in 1238, Sukhothai its capital, 772 years ago.
The forefathers of Thailand created martial art called “Rum Mud Rum Muay”
now know as “ Muay Thai which is a science of Fighting, this skilled fighting gave victory to Thai warriors against its enemies.
Thailand can be proud that this type of fighting helps to preserve its country.

  Muay Thai is Thai martial arts which has long history.
Muay Thai was used a method of fighting is past wars. Nowadays Muay Thai has become a sport, only now they wear protective gloves when opponents fight each other to prevent serious injuries.

          Muay Thai has a reputation as the science of the Eight attacks,
which include 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 elbows and 2 knees, some references
also mention a attacks which include the head
or even 10 attacks(or weapons) which includes the hip( or buttock).

          Muay Thai is passed on from ancient style fighting.
Each area of Thailand has its own brand of Muay Thai style fighting.
These areas were divided up as follow;
            •          Muay Chaiya( South)
            •          Muay Lopburi and Muay Pranakorn( Central)
            •          Muay Thasao(North)
            •          Muay Korat( Northeast)

Muay Thai art.
          In the past they taught Muay Thai in schools. Schools are different from fighting
camps in that they have teacher experts in Muay Thai skills and well know in Thailand.
Those teachers whose desire to pass on their knowledge of Muay Thai to future
generations, only teaching those students committed and have a great desire to
learn Muay Thai fighting to its highest level. Fighting camps are Muay Thai fighters getting
together to share their experiences with one another to improve their skills for
future competitions. These were two types of schools.
          1) Royal school (Government run).
          2) Civil school (Civilian run). Some would practice fighting with a sward (Krabi)
          and some would practice with a staff( Krabong).
          There was also another style of fighting for use in defense and war.

          In the past, Muay Thai competition matches were held at festivals or temple ceremony events. School of fighting and fighting camps would send their students and/or teachers to compete against one another to see who would be champion and receive an award (money) that was collected from bets on all matches. All competitors were treated equally. There are stories that the King would disguise himself and go to those competitions to fight against civilian fighters in order to show his abilities and skill as a Muay Thai fighter, such as King Sua( Khun Luang Sorasuk) , King Taksin and Praya Pichai Dabhuk ect.

          In past history one of the wars that Thailand lost to Myanmar, many Thai citizens were taken captive and held as prisoners. One of those prisoners was Nai Kanom Tom, a teacher of Muay Thai from Ayuthya, was forced to fight against Burmish fighters and won many times, proving his greatness in  Muay Thai  fighting.

          In the late Ayuthya period of Thailand, the department of law and the Royal police department were established to be responsible in protecting the King and the Royal family. They required to learn  Muay Thai  fighting and wrestling. Because of the requirement, many  Muay Thai  teachers and skilled fighters worked for the Government. Those Government workers would perform and show their skills in front of the King in the palace during various special festivals, a tradition that continued annually.

           Muay Thai  fighting was very popular in early Rattanakosin period up until King Rama 5,6 and 7. During King Rama 5 reign the Government official arranged  Muay Thai  fighting to be shown in front of the King on a regular basis in the rose garden palace. Most of the competitors ( Fighters) were Thai, but on the occasion they did bring in foreign fighters.

          Early in  Muay Thai  competition the competitors used to wrap their hands with ropes, called “Muay Kad Cheak”. This continued up until Pae Leargprasert threw a devastating punch and killed his Cambodian opponent. After this incident they started to use padded gloves. During this period  Muay Thai fighting rules were set up and the first standard boxing ring was built in Lumpini and Ratchadamnern. These rules are still used to this day in  Muay Thai  competitions.